What I have learned…

Starting off this semester in Jouralism 232, I had the same thoughts I still hold on to today. I am amazed by the world and how it is constantly changing. And as I said before, I am not a Journalism major nor will I ever be.  But this class showed me how all of the professions eventually tie together.  Buisnesses and newspapers can not function with out advertisers and advertisers cannot spread their words and art without those buisnesses.

I learned about so many growing technologies that I, even being a teen from the 21st century, had never hear about. I had never considered having a blog before this class. I also was very possitive I would NEVER Twitter..ever. I am not promising I will continue everything I started in this class. It is very likely I will never get on Twitter again.  But I found many things I learned so helpful. I hope to continue this Blog or start a new one later on. I use to not respect bloggers because I grew up being told nothing on them were true.  But now I see how influential blogs are to the individual and the readers who read them.  Blogs have truth in them..it depends on the person writing them. But I really do hope to continue this new hobby and marketing tool I have started.

As for the rest of the class, I new some of the information already. I have done a lot of video and audio editing in my life and have worked with macs since i was young.  Nothing was too complicated, it just took time. I really enjoyed this class for sure.

And as for online journalism..my opinion still stands- its new. its happening. and it can only grow from here.


The Future of Journalism

The question was asked if I thought the “bottom line” was affecting the way journalism is today.  When they say the bottom line they are speaking of money, profit, and revenue for the news organization.  And the answer with no doubt is yes.

Every company needs profit and income to stay up and running.  With the way the economy is today, most average americans cannot afford to pay to get magazines and newspapers in print anymore.  That is were most of these organizations make their money is through print.  Also, one of the main ways they make an income is from advertisers who pay to have a spot on a page according to how big the add is and where they want it.  With the way the economy is today, many other places are advertising less in places they feel do not get looked at as much.  Finally, the internet.  The world is changing into a digital age.  People see no need on buying anything in print anymore because almost everything today can be found online which makes it cheaper andmore convienient especially with mobile devices having wireless internet now.  I think mnost news organizations are suffering alot now.

The effect of these organizations losing income is they are cutting staff members.  There are fewer personal ads such as advice columns and “the day in the life of..” columns.  The more journalists who are losing their jobs means the more work is being put onto fewer journalists.  Sadly this means the quality of the work is less and their are fewer stories being printed everyday.

Hopefully there is a sollution found at some point to turn this economy around and a way for more money to be made for these organizations using the internet sometime in the future or who knows what will happen.

The Definition of Art

Back when I was a kid, I wanted to be everything that interested me “when i grew up”.  I wanted to be a singer, an astronaut, a weather girl, a teacher, and an artist.  Slowly things became more important to me than others and I discovered my true talents in life.  Art and anything creative.  Teaching was not for me only because I know I could never be stuck in a room full of children all day long everyday.  Singing, well that was never going to happen. And being an astronaut would be cool but I realized I am deathly afraid of heights…But art, art was possible.

I am an advertising major, but also a graphic design major.  Art is something anyone can do.  I always hear people say, “Your an art major? Wow, I can’t even color in  the lines.” I dont understand that at all. To me, art is not just painting and drawing. Its anything creative.  It is a person putting there heart and soul into something that somehow expresses themself.  It is something that sets a person apart from everyone else.  That is what art is. Now yes, I am an art major in the sense that I am going to draw and paint and create things using a camera and photoshop.  But all people can be artists.  Artists are speakers, teachers, writers, painters, and everything else that is used as a creative outlet for a person.

As the great Leonardo da Vinci once said, “One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.”

Journalists of the 21st Century

For my Journalism 232 class i was asked to read an article written by Vadim Lavrusik.  This article listed the top eight characteristics a person needs to become a successful journalist in the 21st century.  Lavrusik listed Entrepreneurial and Business Savvy, Programmer, Open-minded Experimenter, Multimedia Storyteller,  The Social Journalist and Community Builder, Blogger and Curator, Multi-skilled, and Fundamental Journalism Skills.  I agree with everything that he came up with, but I would add on to this a little bit.

I agree that all of these traits are needed, and I do not think i would neccessarily add another listing.  But I would make sure to add one other part: Respect for the Past.

Respect for the past and history of journalism should be key to any successful journalist making headlines in today’s world.  Journalism did not start with computers, the internet, and blogs.  It started with a notepad and typewriter.  The first journalists in this world worked harder than any journalist have to now.  There might have been less competition, but there was also must less respect.  The starting journalists had to have motivation and drive to get where they got.  Not saying our journalists today do not because they have to in todays cut-throat society.  But recognizing the history and orgins of where this buisness started from is important for many reasons.  It teaches them why ethics and morals in this buisness are important, shows how far determination can get a person, and how hard past generations had to work to get us to where we are now.  Also, technology is something new in this world.  Journalists today could not imagine life without a computer and internet access.  But if we put our modern journalists back in the old ages when all they had was that notepad and typerwriter…could they handle the pressure?  That is where the respect comes in.

Out of the eight things Lavrusik listed in his article, i would have to say open-minded experimenter is the most important.  Every person working in the industry has something they are better at than something else, but being open-minded to new ideas is key for everyone.  The world and technology change everyday which makes people learn to adapt.  But anyone, no matter how comfortable they are at one particular way of doing things, must be willing to take a risk and try something new..that is how progress is made.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

As a child and girl growing up in the 21st century, I have been exposed to alot of things most people were not growing up back in the day.  One of the biggest issues in my opinion is tabloid magazines. 

It is normal to walk through a grocery store or gas station and pick up one of the trashy magazines by the registers and flip through it.  I am sure everyone, including myself, do it on a regular basis just to see what the latest gossip and trends are.  But the one problem i have with them is the way they portray women and lower our self-esteem.  These magazines constantly bash on women about their weight.  They are always TOO skinny or TOO fat.  They tell society over and over how to “lose 50 lbs in 3 weeks” and have ads on every other page about diet pills.  what is this telling young girls today?

There is a growing number of young girls every year diagnosed with eating disorders, and numbers of reported deaths a year caused by these deseases.  What is the cause for this epidemic?  Easy answer, media.  Media has so much power over the way society lives their daily lives.  They report the trends and what is considered ‘beautiful’ in today’s world.  So why do people think it is ok to have these magazines tell girls that they must be a size 0 and be six feet tall to be beautiful.  This is not creating a more beautiful world, rather destroying it and the people in it because they are literally killing themselves trying to make themselves look like the barbie-doll models who walk the runways. 

I am going into the advertising buisness for this reason exactly.  I am an average teenage girl who believes that a change is needed.  Every person in this world is different.  People are different sizes and shapes, and I dont understand why that is wrong.  Who is given the right to decide what is considered to be beautiful in the world because I think that is opinion.  A 200 pound woman should be able to look in the mirror and be confident enough to say,”I am beutiful” without having the media criticize her for her size. 

I have very little complaints with the media.  I believe that media is a necessity for the world we live in today.  We idolize celebrities and the glitz and glamour that comes along with that lifestyle.  But beauty is a whole different ball park.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  No magazine can tell us the definition of that.

Ground Zero

I read an article by Dave Winer speaking about the growing technologies in society today.  I think its obvious by now that I agree times are changing, and we are not in the dark ages anymore.  But Winer made a statement in his article that struck me.  He said, “Today, 2010, is Year Zero for journalism.”  I have never thought about that, but I agree one-hundred percent.  With this growing world of technology, the news can be found so much easier.  We now have podcasts, audio, articles, and commenting.  News is now interactive instead of a one-way system.  We no longer need print or television, because everything and anything can be found online with the click of a button. 

But when Winer said that sentence, he was not talking about everything we already had or what we were losing in the journalism field.  He was talking about what we are learning.  Technology is growing and changing so rapidly, but the whole system news stations and journalists have been using for decades is suddenly out the window.  The new way of journalism is through this growing technology.  It is the journalists who now have to keep up with the poeple and accept reality that news is interactive, it’s instant, and it’s live. 

 We are not building on what we once had but starting over on ‘ground zero’.  Journalists are now rebuilding everything to adapt to this era of the modern age.

Technology of the Future

Technology is growing all around us everyday.  There are new apps on iphones that help a person in every way they could ever look for.  People in this modern society we live in today get news from so many forms.  Print is still a necessity for most of the world as part of the daily flow.  But now that the web and phone apps are so big, news can be accessed basically anywhere at any time.

I think, relating to RSS feeds, most people are completely ready for this growing technology.  Every one looks for the easy way in all parts of life.  We want things fast and the RSS feeds allow us to get everything we are interested in all right in front of us at one time.  Google Reader is a quick and easy way, but the main problem I have with the cite is that I had never heard of it before.  Even after i learned what it did, it still isn’t the easiest thing to pick up on if you have no one to teach you how to work it.  I think this technology could help out so many people in the world, and most technology-prone people would definitely benefit from it.

As for the future and what technology has in store for us.. I think the desktop computer as the main source of news will be dead.  Print is beginning to die out as I speak and almost everything is moving to the web.  People still mostly use their laptops and desktop computers to access the web, but just think about how quickly everything is already changing.  As soon as the iPhone and iTouch were created, cell phones with high speed internet access popped up everywhere.  New apps are made everyday and many daily newspapers can be accessed through these.  I think in the next ten years, most people will use hand held portable devices for almost everything they need in their daily lives.  There will be no need to sit at home to look up information and breaking news, people can look it up and read about it everywhere.

Technology is definitely beginning to take a giant step into new technologies so there is no telling what the future hold for us.